Sub ohm kit (direct to lung)

DTL - Direct To Lung Vaping

Direct to Lung (aka DTL, Direct Lung Hit, Straight to Lung, or D2L) is the vaping style that is most commonly used by experienced vapers. For transitioning smokers, it feels like a completely alien way to inhale at first. However, it is essentially the same thing we do when breathing normally.

How to take a DTL hit

To achieve direct to lung vaping you need to slowly and steadily draw the vapour directly into your lungs - effectively bypassing the mouth.

The action doesn’t involve sucking or puffing on the mouthpiece, but more using the vape device to ‘breathe through’. Imagine being asked to take a deep breath… that’s what you’re trying to achieve.

As soon as the vapour hits your lungs, you exhale (as you would with your own breath).