Vape Starter kit

  • Vape starter kit comes with everything you need to switch from smoking to vaping. There are two kinds of vape starter kit available. One is mouth to lung vaping and another one is direct to lung vaping.

MTL - Mouth To Lung Vaping

Mouth to Lung (MTL or M2L) is the vaping style that most closely replicates smoking. Most newcomers to vaping that are switching from smoking will start by MTL vaping as it feels the most natural way for smokers to inhale.

How to take an MTL hit

The key difference between mouth to lung vaping and cigarette smoking is the length of the ‘draw’.

When smoking a cigarette we tend to take short, sharp drag into the mouth. With vaping, a long, smooth and steady draw are recommended for maximum flavour delivery and satisfaction.

As with smoking, the vapour in the mouth should then be inhaled into the lungs which allows air to be drawn in at the same time. Then exhale.