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Orange Cake 60ml best vape juice

  • $14.99

Looking for vape juice cheap but best vape juice in quality?

Orange cake is the vape best juice for those of you like sweet and creamy flavour!

Crumbly, moist, citrusy and overall incredibly satisfying, no, we’re not talking about a visit to your local café but an enjoyable vape using the Orange Cake e liquid. This is another of those e juice flavours that taste so much like the real thing that it’s hard to believe you really aren’t rolling cake around your mouth rather than vapour.

The insanely tasty citrus and cake combo found here is perfect for everyday use with many choosing it as their main go-to vape flavour. Of course, if a sweet cake treat is more your ideas as an occasional treat or something you bring out to beat sweet cravings that’s fine too.