Vaporesso Luxe x pod kit

  • $60.00 AUD

Luxe X Pod Kit by Vaporesso takes 40W of power and makes you think you’re vaping a larger, more powerful vapouriser! Mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-lung (DL) vape, via a single button that's easy enough for beginner vapers, with either the included 0.4 (DL) or 0.8 ohm (MTL) Vaporesso Luxe X Pods that hold 5mL of e-liquid. The light-weight Vaporesso Luxe X Battery will help you vape all day on a single charge with its 1500mAh built-in capacity and solid-feeling, modern, transparent body that has three layers of protective coating.


Yep, vaping with the Vaporesso Luxe X Battery isn’t rocket surgery. You fill the Luxe X Pod with vape juice, wait five minutes so the built-in coil is saturated, install, then press the fire button to vape. No menus, settings, changing coils or cleaning a vape tank required. Below are more reasons the Luxe X Battery makes vaping great and simple:

  • Intelligence – the Luxe X Battery recognises the pod installed and sets the wattage for you so you don’t lift a finger! Well, you lift one… To press the fire button but that’s it!
  • Compact size – it’s not the smallest vape kit but not a brick either so you can easily pop the light-weight Luxe X in your bag or pocket (after turning it off, of course).
  • Fire button – hold to vape so you control when it fires and turn the vape on/off with five clicks.
  • Protective coating – three crystal clear layers cover the Luxe X Battery that’s been abrasion tested about 1000 times to prove it can handle the daily knocks and drops.
  • 1500mAh battery – vape all day on a single charge (depending on how much you vape and which pod you use; the 0.4 ohm uses up the battery a little faster with its higher wattage requirement).
  • Fast-charging – one hour of charging and you’re good to vape again.
  • Two different-sized air holes – on either side of the Luxe X Battery so when you rotate the Luxe X Pod, you can loosen or tighten the airflow/your draw.
  • Quality made – like all Vaporesso vape gear, nothing cheap or rattly about the Luxe X Battery.
  • Blue battery lights – as you vape, one, two or three blue lines appear at the bottom front, letting you know how much battery you have left by how many lines light up (less than 30%, 30-60% or 60-100% respectively).


Just the pod, not the entire vape kit! Similar to Usher’s ‘Pop Ya Collar’ song says, ‘you can eat it or throw it away’, with the Vaporesso Luxe X Replacement Pod, you vape it AND throw it away (not eat it) when the coil has reached the end of its life. You’ll know it’s time to replace your Luxe X Pod if you experience bad vapour flavour, little to no vape clouds, slow firing or excessive gurgling (to name a few). More convenient facts about the Luxe X Pod include:

  • Adjust your draw – tighten or loosen your draw by rotating the pod 180° in the Luxe X Battery to open or restrict air inflow.
  • Fills from bottom – lift the rubber tab at the bottom of the pod to reveal the fill port and fill with e-liquid.
  • 5mL e-liquid capacity – large enough to last longer between refills.
  • Two different pods – both included Luxe X Pods look the same but they’re ingeniously designed differently to accommodate for both DL and MTL vaping.
    • MTL pod (0.8 ohm): lower wattage (16W), thinner mouthpiece bore hole and less airflow holes at the bottom for more restricted draws.
    • DL pod (0.4 ohm): higher wattage (32W), wider mouthpiece bore hole and more airflow holes at the bottom for looser draws.
  • Surprisingly-good vapour flavour, throat hit and cloud production – for a vape pod, the Luxe X certainly delivers tasty, enhanced flavour and low to relatively big vape clouds thanks to the built-in coil being made using Vaporesso’s Corex Technology (morph-mesh cumulus cotton, even and rapid heating, accurate vapour flavour and coil longevity).
  • Strong magnetic connection – keeps your pods from going AWOL.
  • Semi-transparent body – dark tint still allows you to see e-juice level especially if held up to light.
  • Mouthpiece made for your lips – natural shape of lips comfortably hug mouthpiece.
  • SSS leak-resistant technology in the pod which stands for:
    • seal comprehensively with the o-rings that keep the air pressure in for a tighter draw
    • store safely with extra seal that may prevent the Luxe X Pod leaking while not being used
    • saturate properly via the large coil openings to the cotton to avoid burning the coil or getting a dry hit (aka helps prime coil and keep the cotton wet while vaping).
  • MTL vaping – draw vapour to your mouth, hold, then inhale to your lungs, like you’d puff on the old cancer sticks. The 0.8 ohm, higher-resistance, low wattage Luxe X Pod, with its adjustable airflow and slim mouthpiece bore, make for beautiful loose or tight MTL draws.
  • DL vaping – draw vapour directly to your lungs, bypassing the mouth. The 0.4 ohm, low-resistance, higher-wattage Luxe X Pod, with its adjustable airflow and wider mouthpiece bore, make for good DL and restricted DL (RDL) draws. Of course, you won’t get the room filled with vapour and intense density that you'd experience from a large, powerful mod and tank kit, but still great considering the size of this vapouriser.

If you’re a beginner vaper who likes MTL vaping that’s similar to an old smoke or a… You know what? Scrap that. The Vaporesso Luxe X Pod Vape Kit is honestly suitable to any vaper, beginner to advanced, if you’re looking for a simple, pod-style electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) with decent battery and vape juice capacity, and some optional adjustability.

Please note:

  • We strongly recommend turning off the Luxe X Pod Kit, by clicking the fire button five times quickly, when carrying in your pocket or bag so the button isn’t accidentally pressed in transit.
  • Remember to prime new pods before vaping. Fill pods with e-juice, then let them sit for around five minutes before vaping to saturate the coil cotton and avoid getting dry hits or prematurely burning your built-in coil.


  • Size: 98 x 21.6 x 21.5mm
  • Vapour e-liquid capacity: 5mL
  • Battery capacity: 1500mAh, built-in
  • Corex Technology – spot-on, longer-lasting vapour flavour
  • SSS Leak-Resistant Technology
  • Adjustable airflow
  • DL and MTL draws
  • Battery indicator light
  • Disposable pods
  • Quick charge (one hour)
  • Modern looks, exposed body
  • Three clear layers for durability
  • Type-C USB port, 5V 1.5A


  • Vaporesso Luxe X Battery
  • Vaporesso Luxe X Mesh Pod (0.4 ohm, pre-installed)
  • Spare Vaporesso Luxe X Mesh Pod (0.8 ohm)
  • Type C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

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